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The Acquisition of German "es" constructions by Spanish-speaking Learners of German as a Foreign Language

ErstbetreuerProf. Dr. Martin Hilpert
ZweitbetreuerProf. Dr. Daniel Jacob

My PhD project lies in the field of Second Language Acquisition and contrastive analysis. I aim to investigate how Spanish-speaking adults acquire German constructions containing the pronoun "es" (i.e. "it"). The theoretical framework is Construction Grammar and the usage-based approach. The general hypothesis is as follows: the grammatical complexity of a German "es" construction is not crucial to the effort Spanish learners have to make in order to acquire that construction. However, the most important factor is the frequency of a construction in spoken German that learners hear everyday. Thus, I expect my empirical study to show that few mistakes are made with highly frequent constructions and vice versa.

SprachenGerman, Spanish
ForschungsrichtungSecond Language Acquisition, Construction Grammar