Ulrike Schneider (publiziert)

Lecturer and research assistant at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany

10/2009 - 09/2012
PhD scholarship: Special Research Training Group/Graduate School DFG 1624/1 "Frequency Effects in Language", Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany

07/2006 - 07/2009
Assistant at the chair of English Linguistics and the History of the English Language at the University of Giessen, Germany. Projects: Old Bailey Corpus, APiCS and ICE Ghana.

10/2003 - 03/2009
Diploma degree in "Applied Modern Languages and Business", languages: English and Spanish, at the University of Giessen, Germany

Winter term 2012/13
University of Mainz
Corpus Linguistics (Undergraduate Seminar)

Summer term 2012
University of Freiburg
Corpus Linguistics (Postgraduate Research Seminar with Nikolay Khakimov)

Winter term 2011/2012
University of Freiburg
An Introduction to German Linguistics (Seminar)

"Do uh and um Have Different Meanings? - A Clustering Approach Using Dendrograms". Poster, DGKL 5, Freiburg, October, 10th-12th 2012.

"Using CART Trees and Random Forests to Determine the Influence of Usage-based Factors on Hesitation Placement". ICAME 33, Leuven, May, 30th -June, 3rd 2012.

"CART Trees and Random Forests in Linguistics." 8th Joint BFG/bwGRiD Conference & Workshop on High-Performance Grids, Freiburg May 23rd-25th 2012.

"Die Platzierung von Zögerungen im gesprochenen Englisch. Eine Analyse von Präpositionalphrasen." Presentation, Münster-Freiburg-Kolloquium zur Syntax der gesprochenen Sprache, Freiburg, September, 05th 2011.

"Does, uh, Frequency Play a Role? On the Placement of Pauses and Discourse Markers in Prepositional Phrases." Poster, Corpus Linguistics, Birmingham, July, 20th-22th 2011.

"'Prep uh N' or 'uh Prep N'? The Influence of Frequency on the Placement of Hesitations in the Context of Prepositional Phrases. Presentation, Workshop "Analytical Approaches to Spoken Language", Freiburg, July, 25th 2011.

"Frequency, Hesitations and Chunks. What does the Placement of Hesitations Tell us about the Processing of Frequent Sequences in Language?", International Workshop on "Usage-based models of language and quantitative corpus linguistics", Freiburg, September, 07th 2010.

"Discourse Markers in Ghanaian English. A Comparative Analysis of Spoken British and Ghanaian English." Poster, ICAME 31, Giessen May, 26th-30th 2010.

(in preparation) contribution to: Behrens, Heike und Stefan Pfänder: Frequency Effects. Berlin/New York: De Gruyter.

(in press). "CART Trees and Random Forests in Linguistics." Proceedings of the 8th Joint BFG/bwGRiD Conference & Workshop on High-Performance Grids.