Workshop "Grammar and language use: towards a usage-based theory of language" mit Holger Diessel

Dozent(en)Holger Diessel
AnsprechpartnerKarin Madlener
Termin16.-18. Juni 2010
OrtStarkenstr. 44



Vorläufiges Programm:

Mittwoch, den 16.06.2010

10 - 12    The usage-based approach: basic assumptions

Donnerstag, den 17.06.2010

10 - 12    Psychological mechanisms of usage and development

14 - 16    Language use and language universals

Freitag, den 18.06.2010

10 - 12    Language use and language acquisition


Readings (available on request by email from Karin Madlener):

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Holger Diessel and Michael Tomasello. 2005. A new look at the acquisition of relative clauses. Language 81: 1-25.

Diessel, Holger. 2007. Frequency effects in language acquisition, language use, and diachronic change. New Ideas in Psychology. 25: 108-127.

Außerdem empfohlen:

Abbot-Smith, K. & Behrens, H. 2006. How known constructions influence the acquisition of other constructions: the German passive and future constructions. Cognitive Science 30: 995-1026.

Bybee, Joan. 2010. Language, usage and cognition. Cambridge: Cambridge University