New perspectives on nature and nurture in language development

Dozent(en)Dorthe Bless, Philip Dale, Laura Justice, Shayne Piasta, Werner Vach
AnsprechpartnerWerner Vach
Termin2. Oktober 2012, 15:15-17:30
OrtKG I, HS 1015

New perspectives on nature and nurture

in language development


Tuesday, October 2, 2013, 15:15-17:30

Lecture room 1015, KG I


Since several researchers involved in large scale cohort and/or intervention studies on child language development are visiting Freiburg, we have organized this small symposium to give them the opportunity to present results from their work contributing to the old question on nature and nurture in language development.



Philp Dale, University of New Mexico


What twin studies can tell us about language development, and what they can't.



Laura Justice, Ohio State University


Engaging children in cognitively challenging conversations: Benefit or detriment?



Shayne Piasta, Ohio State University


Language development in preschool classrooms: Results from a recent randomized controlled trial



Dorthe Bleses, University of Southern Denmark


Young Danes - Great Challenges





The symposium has been organized by Werner Vach, Clinical Epidemiology, University Medical Center Freiburg with support from the „Graduiertenkolleg 1624 Frequenzeffekte". For further information, please mail to