Evghenia Goltsev (verteidigt)

Native Perception and Evaluation of Different Error Types and Frequencies

1. SupervisorProf. Dr. Juliane Besters-Dilger
2. SupervisorProf. Dr. Petra Gretsch (PH Freiburg)
3. SupervisorProf. Dr. Marion Krause (Hamburg)

My project aims to investigate how native speakers of German perceive and judge erroneous utterances produced by advanced learners of German with a Russian background. Thereby, the focus will be on such factors as intelligibility and acceptability.
The essential research question is: Does the frequency of modifications irrespective of type influence negative evaluation to a greater extent (Albrechtsen et al. 1980) than particular deviation kinds such as phonetic/phonological or morpho-syntactic errors (Young 2010; Ensz 1982; Gynan 1985)? A potential interaction of these and other aspects will also be taken into account.
The role of the individual variables age, gender and educational background in the evaluation reactions to the errors presented will also be examined. The significance of the first factor will be determined for both the group under examination as well as the native speakers.

DisciplinSlavic Studies
Research DirectionMultilingualism, Attitudes to Language
KeywordsErrors and Interlanguage, Language Acquisition, Frequency Effects