English Medium Instruction Workshop

Dozent(en)Gregg Dubow
AnsprechpartnerGregg Dubow
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Termin12. Juni 2013, 10 - 17 Uhr
OrtKG I, 1273


This workshop aims to allow a small group to practice and fine-tune their English for teaching duties (i.e., lectures, seminars, workshops) and presenting. The day begins with a brief introduction. Each participant will then give a snapshot-lecture/presentation (roughly 15 minutes) from his/her field of expertise followed by immediate language feedback from the course facilitator. The second half of the workshop will address potential language revisions and so-called best practices for teaching and presenting in English. The workshop will conclude by each participant having an opportunity to revise and briefly redeliver a section of the snapshot-lecture/presentation.

Participants will have the option to video-recorded, which serves as a valuable reference point for your professional development. Please bring your notebook and material (PP slides/handouts) from at the lectures/presentation you plan on practicing.

Please register for the workshop with Gregg Dubow ( Places will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.