Helena Levy


Long-term effects of frequent accent exposure on word learning, perception and production

1. SupervisorJunProf. Dr. Adriana Hanulíková
2. SupervisorProf. Dr. Lars Konieczny
3. SupervisorProf. Dr. Nevedita Mani (Göttingen)

Listeners frequently perceive phonologically variable input, such as speech in regional or foreign accents. Both adults and children have more difficulties recognizing words in accented speech than in unaccented speech. The impact of these perceptual difficulties is lowered by experience with a particular accent. We still know little, however, about the consequences of frequent exposure to regional or foreign accents over a longer period of time. This project analyzes how experience with accented speech affects perceptual adaptation abilities, speech production and learning of new words in children.

LanguagesDeutsch, Englisch
Research DirectionPsycholinguistik