Ongoing psycholinguistic research at the GRK. Workshop with Anne Cutler

AnsprechpartnerSophia Wulfert, Helena Levy;
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TerminJune 15, 2016
OrtLibrary of the German Linguistics Department, Belfortstrasse 14, ground floor






Anne Cutler, Professor at the MARCS Institute, University of Western Sydney and former director of the MPI for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, will visit the GRK. The GRK members working in the field of psycholinguistics will present and discuss their ongoing work with her and other interested participants.

16.15-16.30: Introduction and overview of the Research Training Group “Frequency effects in language”

16.30-16.50: Emiel van den Hoven: He criticized her because he was jealous: A study of flexibility during comprehension

16.50-17.10: Sophia Wulfert: Does frequency matter? Processing of German consonant clusters in pseudowords

17.10-17.20: Break

17.20-17.40: Helena Levy: Experience matters: Children’’s perception of accented speech

17.40-17.55: Laura Terassa: Processing of inflectionally unmarked forms among Asian speakers of English

17.55-18.10: Olga Iljina: Investigating the neuronal correlates of spontaneous speech production