David Lorenz (publiziert)

since October 2009
Doctorate student in the research training group "Frequency Effects in Language", Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

2012, September
Doctoral dissertation submitted (see abstract above)

2011, September-November
Visiting research student at University of Victoria, Canada

2003-2009: Studied Linguistics and English at Universität Stuttgart and Australian National University, Canberra

2009, May
M.A. (Magister Artium) from University of Stuttgart (thesis "HAVE versus HAVE GOT as a Competition for Stative Possessive Meaning in the History of English")

Research assistant in the project "Incremental Specification of Focus and Givenness in a Discourse Context" at the Institute for Natural Language Processing, Universität Stuttgart

European Voluntary Service at "D?m z Modrého Kamene", Kostelecké Horky, Czech Republic

Abitur (High school / A-Levels) from Gymnasium Korntal-Münchingen

Talks & Presentations

2013, May 22, Santiago de Compostela (ICAME 34 - Workshop "Processing in Corpora")
"Form does not follow function (but variation does). The origin of possessive 'have got' "

2013, Jan 16, Christchurch, New Zealand (Variation and Language Processing 2)
"Reduction and emancipation in speech and perception"

2012, Nov 5, Freiburg (lecture series "Frequency Effects in Language")
"Emancipation through frequency: Semi-modal contractions in English"

2012, Aug 28, Athens (ExLing2012)
"The perception of 'gonna' and 'gotta'". Poster presentation.

2012, June 3, Leuven (ICAME 33)
"An Emancipation Effect: On the changing status of of 'gonna', 'gotta', 'wanna'"

2012, Mar 17, Oxford (Symposium 'Synchrony and Diachrony' held by the Philological Society)
"Emancipation and the Status of Contractions"

2011, Dec 21, Freiburg
"The Tiger in the Octopus Cafe: An experimental approach to the perception of 'gonna' and 'gotta'"

2011, Oct 21, Victoria
"From Reduction to Conventionalization: Is 'gonna' any different from 'going to'? Is it even a word? What about 'gotta'?"

2011, July 13, Freiburg
"Multivariate Analysen und ihre Probleme"

2011, June 2, Oslo (ICAME 32)
"From Reduction to Conventionalization: Is 'gonna' a word?"

2011, Mar 15, Freiburg (Sociolinguistics Workshop with Barbara Johnstone)
"Change in the variation of 'going to'/'gonna'"

2010, Nov 3, Freiburg
"Two puzzles ('gonna', 'gotta', 'wanna': new English modals?)"

2010, July 30, Freiburg (Milestones conference)
"Alte und neue Modalausdrücke im Englischen"

2010, July 21, Freiburg, with Philipp Dankel, Nikolay Khamikov & Michael Schäfer

2010, May 27-29, Gießen (ICAME 31)
"HAVE vs HAVE GOT in the history of English". Poster presentation.

2010, Apr 28, Freiburg, with Sven Grawunder, Michael Schäfer & Marjoleine Sloos
"The Earl of Den Haag and the Turks of Türkheim: Reduction and phonological structure"

2010, Feb 4, Freiburg
"Frequency and cognitive representation in the emergence of new English modals"


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in press (to appear June 2013): "From reduction to emancipation: Is 'gonna' a word?" In: Corpus Perspectives on Patterns of Lexis, ed. by Hilde Hasselgård, Jarle Ebeling, and Signe Oksefjell Ebeling. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 133-152.