Dennis Dressel


Collaborative Utterances

The Multimodal Production of Syntactic Co-Constructions in Collaborative Storytelling

1. SupervisorProf. Dr. Stefan Pfänder
2. SupervisorProf. Dr. Dr. h. c. Christian Mair

I investigate syntactic co-constructions in French and Spanish conversations. My research focus is twofold: on one hand, I am interested in recurrent syntactic and pragmatic formats that allow interactants to collaboratively produce utterances in real time. On the other hand, I am particularly curious about the fundamentally embodied nature of syntactic collaboration.
Working within the methodological framework of Conversation Analysis, I examine how participants interactionally achieve collaborative utterances by means of verbal, vocal, and bodily resources. My data is drawn from the Freiburg Sofa Talks Corpus, a large body of video recorded collaborarive storytellings.

LanguagesFranzösisch, Spanisch, Deutsch, Englisch
Research DirectionInteraktionale Linguistik, Konversationsanalyse, Multimodale Analyse
Keywordscollaborative storytelling, co-construction, multimodality