Assoziierte KollegiatInnen 4. Generation

Olga Glanz

The neuronal correlates of syntactic and lexical processing in spontaneous speech production investigated using ECoG

ErstbetreuerProf. Dr. Peter Auer
ZweitbetreuerProf. Dr. Tonio Ball

I am a doctoral student in general linguistics at the research training group GRK DFG 1624/1 "Frequency effects in language" under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Peter Auer. I am interested in natural human behavior, and particularly in natural, spontaneously spoken language and its neuronal ...

Luis Ignacio Satti

Interrupciones y estrategias de resolución en la narración colaborativa

ErstbetreuerProf. Dr. Stefan Pfänder

El presente trabajo utiliza el método de la lingüística interaccional y del análisis de la conversación para realizar un estudio de la narración conversacional colaborativa, con un énfasis en el análisis de las participaciones del potencial co-narrador de la historia. Estudios previos han ...

Jiří Zámečník

Information density, language processing and the rational speaker

ErstbetreuerProf. Dr. Dr. h. c. Christian Mair

Assuming that the channel capacity (as defined by Shannon 1948) is limited both at the side of the transmitter and the receiver, I explore whether language producers adjust the information density based on their expectations of the channel capacity. For this exploration, I use a tool based on ...